Avarex company is a well-recognized provider of software products and engineering services for video processing, video enhancement, video encoding and decoding and specific multimedia and machine vision applications.

In the past, Avarex team played a key role in creating a first real-time MPEG-4 ASP D1 encoder on embedded platform, first industrial-level wireless HD video encoding and decoding solution for professional broadcast equipment, MPEG-4 encoder and decoder for GSM mobile phones, one of most successful implementations of JPEG2000 encoder etc.

Now, Avarex provides its solutions and services worldwide and focused on broadcast, multimedia, machine vision and surveillance industry. The company offers a range of reference designs for professional digital TV broadcasting market, which includes video enhancement, format conversion, post-processing and video analysis solutions.

Avarex offers number of engineering services for multimedia integration and custom engineering. It lets an integrator company to get everything it needs - reference software design, customization, technical support and R&D capabilities in one place.

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