TV & Broadcast - Avarex deinterlace IP
Advanced deinterlace filter to convert interlaced video into progressive format. This deinterlace filter uses adaptive motion estimation technique with time shifting to provide excellent deinterlacing results and efficiently eliminates the "juggy" effect without blurring or smoothing the details.

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While most video sources have interlaced formats (video cameras, standard television transmissions, old video content) most video displays are progressive. Displaying such content on progressive displays like LCD and plasma TV requires de-interlacing or converting from interlaced to progressive format. Also, de-interlacing is necessary for many surveillance and forensic applications related to objects recognition, scene analysis etc.

Avarex uses innovative approach to de-interlacing based on accurate motion adaptive analysis and time shifting scheme. Such approach can be found in some sophisticated and resource demanding solutions. However, proposed model uses efficient motion analysis technique that significantly reduces computational costs without affecting the output quality.

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