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Super-resolution based SD to HD up-converter. Efficiently utilizes benefits of super-resolution approach to drastically improve the quality of output HD video. Works with interlace and progressive input (SDi and SDp to HDi and HDp). Supports up-convert from 720x480 and 720x576 SD video to 1920x1080 and 1280x720 Full HD format.

Unlike many other up-scaling methods based on various types of interpolation, proposed SD to HD up-converter uses super-resolution method that significantly enhances output HD video. The super-resolution approach does not only preserve the details of output HD video but also removes the well-known "interpolation blur" typically appeared on any up-scaled video.

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You can download the demo video below (1440x576, 44.1MB) for visual quality comparison. Left video is taken as bi-cubic resize while right side represent the results of Avarex up-scaling method.

Download video (1440x576, 44.1MB)
The main features of Avarex SD to HD converter:
  • Work with interlaced and progressive video;
  • Progressive-to-progressive, interlace-to-progressive, interlace-to-interlace modes;
  • Integer and fractional scale factors;
  • Support for pillarbox output;
  • Adjustable quality/speed ratio;
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