Multimedia - 2D-to-3D video processing IP
Powerful engine for fast and efficient real-time processing of common 2D videos to 3D format - Dynamic3D. Based on dedicated color, position and motion characteristic analysis this approach is broadly applicable to any 2D video to be converted into high-quality attractive 3D format. Innovative approach to video analysis and 3D construction makes this 2D-to-3D solution one of the recognized leaders on this rapidly growing market.

Dynamic3D approach uses sophisticated and comprehensive analysis of the input 2D video to generate high-quality output 3D content. This approach avoids a lot of manual work usually used for high-quality 2D to 3D processing. Ultimate quality planar tracking capabilities in conjunction with heuristic depth map construction bring the qulity of 2D to 3D conversion to the new level.

Avarex offers various mofifications of Dynamic3D technology for mobile, embedded and desktop applications. Also, this technology is available as off-line 2D to 3D conversion services from Avarex Studio.
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