Multimedia - @ClearView IP
@ClearView dynamically fixes and improves broken video. This technology effectively eliminates many typical distortions such as color degradation, color flickering, video shaking, etc. The result is a video that is higher-resolution, shows more detail and has much less noise and artifacts than the original source.

These algorithms facilitate the recognition of complex video distortions and able to enhance both moving and non-moving scenes. The @ClearView technology seamlessly reconstructs broken videos even in case of very noticeable video distortions. Look at the video below to see what kind of distortions can be easily eliminated with @ClearView solution.

Specially designed for embedded DSP platforms the @ClearView solution includes different sets of algorithmic aproaches and can efficiently work in real-time mode on up to Full HD videos. This makes it applicable in variety of multimedia and TV applications.
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